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In recent years, telehealth has become a widespread practice for medical services, allowing patients more convenient, cost-effective ways of receiving care. Many people may be surprised to learn that these innovations also extend into the oral healthcare industry.

Overland Park Teledentistry utilizes audio, visual, and communication technologies to provide remote dental care to patients. While teledentistry is a slightly newer practice than psychological or physical telehealth services, its advantages make it attractive to patients and doctors.

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Types of Teledentistry

There are various methods of teledentistry, and not all of them require you to interact with your doctor in real time. Many of these methods allow patients to receive critical information about their oral health without logging onto a video conferencing platform.

Teledentistry Forms:

  • Synchronous (Live Video): Live video teledentistry comes to mind when you think of typical telehealth practices, where provider and patient see and hear each other in real time. This teledentistry is particularly effective for diagnosing gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Asynchronous (Store and Forward): Store and forward teledentistry uses a transference of dental records from patient to provider or dentist to specialist to allow collaboration in treatment.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM): Remote patient monitoring is beneficial for post-op monitoring in oral surgery procedures like a root canal, corrective jaw surgery, or teeth extracting. 
  • Mobile Health (mHealth): mHealth primarily distributes dental educational resources to the public through modern telecommunications technologies.

These forms of teledentistry have revolutionized patient care and made cosmetic dentistry far more accessible. 

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