Dental Fillings

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Overland Park Dental Fillings

Cavities due to tooth decay are common in children, teens, and adults. Cavities make it easy for bacteria and food particles to get inside a tooth and cause further issues, like infections and tooth loss. Overland Park dental fillings from Kurlbaum Dental are the best way to treat this issue and restore the integrity of your teeth. 

Kurlbaum Dental is a top dental office in Overland Park, Kansas, providing exceptional restorative and preventative dental care. Our office has the skilled staff and equipment necessary to provide various treatments, including dental fillings. 

What Is a Filling?

Overland Park dental fillings are a single or mix of plastics, glass, metals, and other materials that repair teeth. Kurlbaum Dental primarily uses fillings to seal cavities after removing infected or decayed tissue inside a tooth. Our experienced dentists can also use the material to repair broken or cracked teeth. 

It’s not always apparent to patients when they need a dental filling to repair a cavity. However, you might need the procedure if you have sensitive teeth due to enamel loss. Our dental team thoroughly examines our patients’ teeth to identify the location and size of cavities. 

Types of Filling Materials

At Kurlbaum Dental, we specialize in several dental filling materials. The type of filling material you select will affect your treated tooth’s appearance and the filling’s longevity. The most common materials we work with include:

  • Composite fillings: This material blends soft resin and plastic that matches your tooth coloring and hardens in place. Though they look like natural teeth, composite fillings last only five to ten years. 
  • Silver amalgam fillings: The most common filling type is a silver amalgam, which contains a mix of silver, zinc, mercury, tin, and copper. The material can last up to 12 years, but it’s highly noticeable on teeth. 
  • Ceramic fillings: These fillings contain porcelain, making them durable and visually appealing. They can be more brittle than other filling options, but they are tooth-colored and stain-resistant. 

Receiving Dental Fillings From Kurlbaum Dental 

At Kurlbaum Dental, we strive to provide top-tier dental care in a relaxed and comfortable environment. When visiting our Overland Park location for treatment, we’ll explore the best options for your dental needs. 

If we determine that a dental filling is the best solution for a cavity, we’ll begin by applying a local anesthetic around the affected tooth. We use a handheld instrument to remove decayed tooth materials or tooth surfaces. Then, we’ll cleanse the inside of the tooth to remove bacteria and food debris. 

After preparing the tooth for the filling, we will isolate it with a protective sheet. Our dentists will use your chosen dental filling material, apply it to the prepared area with adhesives, and match it to the shape, size, and feel of your natural tooth. Finally, we’ll harden the filling with a special light. 

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Kurlbaum Dental is a leading dental practice in Overland Park, KS, providing top-tier dental care. Our experienced and friendly dentists and staff will keep your teeth healthy by quickly identifying cavities and providing Overland Park dental fillings. Schedule an appointment today at 913-642-4070.