Sedation Dentistry

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Overland Park Sedation Dentistry 

A visit to the dentist causes intense anxiety for many people. Putting off routine cleanings out of stress-inducing fear and anxiety leads to worse oral health. That’s where Overland Park sedation dentistry comes in.

At Kurlbaum Dental in Overland Park, KS, your comfort is our priority. We offer several forms of sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed during dental treatments. 

Why Do We Use Sedation Dentistry? 

While dentists primarily use sedation for pain relief, its benefits also ease even the most restless and nervous patients. This pharmaceutical drug, despite its form, relaxes patients in the chair by reducing mental anguish and slightly altering their sense of time to prevent the nervousness of longer procedures.

It also relaxes the joints and muscles that would otherwise tighten and become sore during extended procedures, which highly benefits those with health conditions that prevent relaxation or with special needs.

Overland Park sedation dentistry also relieves those:

  • With dental-related PTSD from troubling past experiences
  • Who are uncomfortable with the sound of drills and other dental equipment
  • With low pain thresholds and sensitive gag reflexes
  • Who fear dental procedures or oral surgery

Our Types of Sedation Dentistry

Our Overland Park sedation dentistry comes in many forms to suit our wide variety of patients. We work with you to determine which type of sedation is right for you and how we can make your dental appointment comfortable and relaxing.

Our most popular type of sedation is nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing gas, this method releases nitrous oxide gas into your lungs, creating a calm, happy effect. The effects dissipate almost immediately after the gas is off.

Oral conscious sedation mixes oral sedation with laughing gas sedation. That means your dentist supplies a pill one hour before treatment, such as lorazepam or valium, and combines it with nitrous oxide for stronger sedation.

Another option is local anesthesia, which your dentist injects into your gum or rubs onto your gum in the form of a numbing gel. With this method, you stay conscious and alert, but do not feel pain in your mouth during the procedure.

Rest at Ease with Kurlbaum Dental 

Regular dental visits and cleanings are vital to your health. If your dental anxiety keeps you from making appointments, we can help. At Kurlbaum Dental, we have extensive experience and ongoing educational training that promises safe and effective dental care every time. From the moment you come through the front door, we’ll treat you with kindness and create a comfortable, relaxing environment.

For patients with dental anxiety, we have any number of reliable sedation tactics at our Overland Park sedation dentistry. Call Kurlbaum Dental at (913) 642-4070 to schedule your appointment today!