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Overland Park Implant Dentures

Some patients are not ideal candidates for permanent dental implants or attached bridges, while others do not want permanent surgical implants. Whatever the reason, dentures remain a popular and effective way to correct issues with one or more missing teeth. 

Kurlbaum Dental is available to discuss your options for Overland Park dentures if you are dealing with a missing tooth or teeth. Contact our Overland Park office to schedule a complimentary evaluation. 

What Are Dentures?

It may not seem like a big issue for some patients to have a missing tooth or even a couple of missing teeth. However, not replacing missing teeth can lead to tooth and bite misalignments, aches, nutritional problems, gum disease, and further tooth loss. 

Dentures are replacement teeth intended to prevent these issues and maintain or restore form and function for smiling, eating, and speaking. Dentures fit over the gum line and usually are not permanently affixed, making them less invasive and easily adjustable. 

Types of Dentures

Patients get Overland Park dentures for partial or complete tooth loss and replacement. Full dentures can replace an entire arch of teeth, top or bottom. With no natural teeth to support the dentures, a denture adhesive is often necessary to help keep them in place.

Full denture options include:

  • Immediate dentures: used temporarily until fitted dentures arrive
  • Traditional complete dentures: fitted, customizable, long-lasting 
  • Implant-supported dentures: use one or two permanent anchors to keep teeth in place

Dentists recommend partial dentures when one or more teeth are missing, but natural teeth remain. The natural teeth support the dentures by bonding the natural teeth to the dentures. Although not permanent, dentures last an average of 10 years before requiring replacement, making them a cost-effective option for tooth replacement. 

Partial denture options include: 

  • Transitional partial dentures: function as a space holder
  • Removable partial dentures: made of lighter, cheaper vitallium for a better fit

How Dentures Work

A gum-colored base keeps the dentures in place. The base fits over the gum line and remaining bone and acts as a prosthetic, producing the look and function of natural teeth.

The design and shape of the denture base allow the dentures to suction onto the gum line and bone, remaining in place. The teeth balance over the natural tooth arch, preserving the shape of the facial skeleton and the soft tissues of the lips and cheeks. 

Some shrinkage and bone loss occur after the initial fitting. This shrinkage requires adjustment of existing dentures or making new ones that fit.

Kurlbaum Dental

If you aren’t a candidate for permanent implants or bridges or aren’t interested in these options, the team at Kurlbaum Dental can evaluate you for Overland Park dentures. The professional technicians at Kurlbaum understand the importance of examining your options for proper fitting replacement teeth to maintain full form and function. 

Don’t underestimate the damage that can occur with missing teeth. Discuss your denture options with the team at Kurlbaum Dental, Overland Park. Contact us at (913) 642-4070 to find out how Overland Park dentures can help you.