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Protecting your smile is key to maintaining your oral health and appearance. While good oral hygiene begins with good habits at home, booking an appointment for high-quality Overland Park dental cleanings, exams, and X-rays is a great way to ensure that your pearly whites stay shiny year-round. Dentists diagnose and address issues that might go beyond the scope of your brushing and flossing routines at home.

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Dental Cleanings and Oral Exams

Many people don’t understand the difference between dental cleanings and oral exams. Since these processes often occur in the same visit to your dentist’s office, they may seem synonymous. However, they’re distinct and equally critical.

Dental Cleanings

A standard dental cleaning includes:

  • Tartar removal
  • Plaque removal
  • Teeth polishing

Dental cleaning maintains the health of your teeth and helps combat tooth decay and gum disease. Since dentists have access to tools and equipment that are too expensive and impractical to be in your home, they can better clean your teeth and remove any potential contaminants. 

Routine cleanings are one of the best ways to keep your teeth white and shiny so you look great for family pictures and events.

Oral Exams

A critical aspect of your Overland Park dental cleanings, exams, and X-rays is an oral exam. These procedures identify pathology or diseases in the mouth that might require visits to other specialists.

Oral exams include:

  • Examination of all records, including X-rays and any 3-D scans
  • Screening for oral cancer
  • Examination of existing crowns, fillings, and other restorations
  • Examination of tooth decay
  • Gum disease evaluation

Since many people only recognize their dental cleaning, they fail to understand the value of the oral exam. This portion of your dentist visit identifies any further treatment that you might need and protects you from more significant issues. Based on your medical history and lifestyle choices, this part of your check-up might be the most vital.

X-rays and Other Records

Our office uses X-rays and photographic records to collect longitudinal data about your oral health during your visit. Types of X-rays like bite-wing emit minuscule amounts of radiation exposure to generate an internal image of your teeth. This image illustrates a clearer picture of the current state of your oral health and provides insight into any jaw or structural issues.

When you first visit Kurlbaum Dental, you’ll likely receive a whole-mouth series of X-rays to establish a baseline for your treatment. As we help maintain your smile in collaboration with your orthodontist and oral surgeon, we use X-ray technology to provide better diagnosis and treatment plans.

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