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Overland Park Dental Implants

Adults lose teeth for a variety of reasons. When that happens, it is essential to consider tooth replacement to prevent further tooth damage or poor oral health.

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What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an option for permanently replacing one or more missing teeth. Implants anchor replacement teeth to the gum line and jaw via surgical screws made of titanium. Once anchored, the remaining natural bone integrates into the titanium, forming a solid hold.

Implants are popular because they allow for immediate function. Following implant surgery, temporary teeth maintain form and function until the dentist can place the permanent teeth. It takes as little as eight weeks to receive permanent teeth.

Why Are Implants Better?

In addition to permanent implants, patients seeking tooth replacement can consider dental bridges or dentures. While these are valid options, implants offer many advantages.

Bridges and dentures do not anchor to the gum line. Instead, they require support from adjacent teeth to keep them in place. Because the force and support are on the adjacent teeth, the false teeth essentially float over the gum line, making them less secure than implants.

In the case of bridges, support by the adjacent teeth often involves shaving the sides of the natural teeth to create a firm fit and hold. Shaving weakens the structural integrity of the adjacent teeth and increases the likelihood of damage or decay. Depending on the type of bonding used, re-bonding is necessary from time to time to maintain fit.

Dental implants are secure due to surgical screw placement. This firmness allows the tooth to fit directly to the gum line, creating proper pressure on the gums and bones when eating and improving chewing ability. This correct fit prevents further degradation of the bone below the surface.

Lastly, implants are likely to last a lifetime compared to the 10- or 15-year timespan of other options.

Requirements for Dental Implants

Overland Park dental implants are available for patients 17 years and older because the teeth, jaw, and bones are no longer growing. On average, only two to three metal screws are necessary to secure replacement teeth and maintain the area’s natural structure. Not replacing missing teeth can lead to tooth and bite misalignment, grinding teeth, and headaches.

Patients considering dental implants must have good overall health and practice good oral hygiene. Candidates for dental implants must:

  • Be free of diseases or infections
  • Not be receiving chemo or radiation therapy
  • Not have parathyroid, blood, or bone disorders
  • Not have uncontrolled diabetes or osteoporosis
  • Not have sinus cavities that extend to the jaw

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